This Is How We Do It

juwi brings everyone and everything together in order to achieve its renewable energy projects.

This means that we present a project that is harmoniously integrated into its environment. juwi has the necessary engineering expertise, years of experience in project management and business and organizational competences. And even more importantly: from the very start we work together with all participants to develop a strategy to integrate a wide variety of different interests, in everyone’s interest.

We cover the complete process chain: searching locations, planning, financing, and operational management. We consult consumers and project partners to increase the amount of sun, wind and bio energy since 1996. We have reliable cooperations with banks and long-term business relations with manufacturers.  


The consulting process prior to a project clarifies which form of energy and if necessary, which energy combination is best for each of our partners. We calculate the optimum output volume for the system and determine the conditions required for cost-efficient operation, such as partnerships with power providers and the required modes of purchase. Which locations are best? Which different interests have to be taken into account while planning the project? We answer all of these questions first.


The first step in the concrete planning of a project includes designing the desired technical and infrastructural capabilities of the system. Surfaces and locations for the systems must be secured according to the applicable property laws by drawing up purchasing or leasing contracts. In addition, we handle application and inspection procedures as well as any concerns regarding environmental protection. We plan the plant in such a way as to eliminate or at least minimise inconveniences or disruptions for residents.



In order to develop a feasible project, we integrate numerous different parties and interests. Local residents, unions, organisations and regional businesses all have
legitimate concerns that must be observed. In addition, we look for partners in the
areas of purchasing, operation and finance and look to incorporate local and regional
companies. In addition, juwi clarifies all technical details regarding grid connection
and grid management.



For each project, our experts develop a specially tailored financing concept, select banks and underwriters, establish credits and, if necessary, help to integrate power providers as additional financing bodies. The search for investors and the development of a stable business model for operation for the project are all part of  juwi’s thorough financial strategy.


Preparing the location and constructing and setting up the system requires precise coordination between many different trades and suppliers. This includes the appraisal and
evaluation of the existing building structure and/or the properties and condition of the open space to be used. juwi gathers all experts needed for construction (architects, structural engineers, logisticians and technicians of all types) under one roof. This, together with our years of experience allows for prompt and quick construction of the plants.


juwi monitors and optimises the operation and efficiency of the plants over a period
of more than 20 years. Regular inspection, continuous remote monitoring and close
cooperation with manufacturers guarantees high technical availability for the plants. In
addition, upon request juwi can assume all business and organisational duties associated with the project. This includes managing questions regarding taxes and insurance and delivering detailed reports to investors.



On the way to an eco-friendly energy supply solar power is without an alternative.



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