We Live Our Convictions

For juwi, the commitment to renewable energies is not just a business concept.

For us, the promotion of renewable energies forms the basis of the preservation of creation. This means nothing less than preserving the freedom of choice for future generations. The passion with which juwi pursues its projects is fueled by more than just the prospect for corporate earnings. It is our conviction that action, not talk, is necessary to save our environment. And juwi promotes its “green” convictions at every level of the company.


We strive to live out our convictions in our life-work relationships too. Flexible family-friendly work schedules are a part of that conviction. Our company headquarters offers employees a bright, friendly and spacious atmosphere as well as an environment in which to be creative, relax and recharge. In addition to the cafeteria and the children’s day-care centre “juwelchen”, juwi employees also have a chapel and a fitness centre at their disposal. Our goal is to promote communication both in and out of the office and to improve the connection between work, leisure and family. In our outdoor area, beach volleyball and soccer fields encourage employees to participate in sport and the long paths are perfect for a relaxed walk.

Social Projects Worldwide

juwi contributes to the construction of solar power plants for social projects, for example in
India, Peru and Ruanda. We also support socially active associations, organisations
and initiatives at home in the Rhineland Palatinate as well as in other regions in
Germany and abroad. In addition to these traditional social activities, we want to help
spread the message to the world that it is time to ring in a new era in energy. We do
this, for example by supporting the media project “Energy Autonomy”, a 100-minute
film that provides information about the subject.

Green Mobility

juwi’s holistic approach also means that we want to combine the power sector with
the transportation industry. Naturally, this means that the power used to operate
electric vehicles must come from renewable energy sources. Currently, we are preparing to convert our fleet into electric vehicles and working on a transportation concept which we plan to offer as a service to other companies in the future. We have opened a mobility centre in Wörrstadt so that we can market electric vehicles (cars, motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles) as well as charging stations for these vehicles. We are also establishing a diverse network in all areas of electric transportation by meeting with automotive manufacturers and manufacturers of special plug connections for electric vehicles and talking with universities and service providers.


juwi has received the following awards and acknowledgements, among others:

    • September 2008:
      Climate Protection Prize from the German Environmental Aid (Deutsche Umwelthilfe) for our company philosophy and the new juwi building in Wörrstadt (www.duh.de)

    • June 2008:
      The solar park in Waldpolenz is named an exclusive location in the “Land of Ideas”  www.land-of-ideas.org
    • April 2008:
      The Energy Landscape in Morbach is named an exclusive location in the “Land of Ideas” www.land-of-ideas.org
    • October 2007:
      The German Solar Award from Eurosolar, the European Solar Association, for the Energy Landscape in Morbach (www.eurosolar.org)

    Together, We Are Strong

    And that’s why, the juwi group participates in and supports the following associations and organisations in the regenerative energy sector:

    • European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) www.epia.org