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Renewable energies are safe, profitable and reliable. The technology exists, processes are tried and tested and there are countless success stories. Dependable renewable energy has become reality. There is no longer any reason to wait– the energy is here.
juwi brings all prospective customers to a table. We are your contact if you are a  municipality, business, utility or individual who wants to realize gradually a full supply with regenerative energies. We accompany you from the first idea up to the implementation of your project.

Our Vision: 100 % Renewable Energy

The vision of an energy supply coming 100 per cent from renewable energy sources is in the centre of our business philosophy. It is about nothing less than leaving options for a lasting development to future generations. For us a fair and efficient use of resources and energy is of greater importance than profit generation. We cooperate with many associations and organizations working for the 100 per cent aim and are member and sponsor of various platforms in the regenerative energy industry.

Live Your Convictions: Here and Now

For juwi, the confession to renewable energy is more than a pure business idea: renewable energy is the base for the preservation of creation. Therefore, at juwi we live our "green" convictions at every level. Our headquarters in Wörrstadt are one of the world’s most energy-efficient office building, which produces more energy than is used. juwi is the best example for the fact that energy efficiency cannot be equated with abstinence. Our employees are our most valuable energy sources; therefore we offer work places as well as opportunities for relaxation.


Technologies for the Energy Mix

As one of a few businesses we are committed to all forms of renewable energy; all are important for a complete regenerative energy supply. Wind energy is the most economic form, solar energy in various forms and bio energy is available in liquid, solid and gaseous form. Hydro- and geothermal power provide energy consistently. In a combined power plant, every energy source has its function.

Wind and solar power are influenced by natural cycles: wind is mostly available in winter and sun in summer. Therefore, they complement each other. Bio energy, hydro- and geothermic power can cover the energy need in adjustable power stations and thus close a possible gap. In the future, the backfeed of stored, regenerative energy will become increasingly important; for example, in hydro power (pump storage),
 bio energy plants (gas tank) or electrical vehicles (batteries).

Saving energy, using it efficiently and further developing renewable energies
are the keys for a lasting development in the energy sector. We work in all areas.


Research and Development

juwi is a privately owned business and can operate quickly in a dynamic area. We are ready to go new ways: with concrete projects and impulses for research and development. For example, we explore the potential of hydropower in the Rhine-Main region with first hydroelectric power plants and are involved in different product developments in the component area. For example, the design of wind turbine towers with high-quality concrete elements (Advanced Tower Systems - ATS) and developments in the area of substructures for solar plants.

As a partner of the „National Platform for Electro Mobility“, formed by the German Federal Government, we discuss the market integration of electric vehicles with manufacturers of the car and the energy industry.



juwi Renewable Energies Ltd.

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We construct your power plant - with renewables. Our experience guarantees a reliable operation of your plant.



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