Decentral & Independant

Go your own ways in energy supply, and uncouple yourself from the price spiral of fossil and atomic raw materials.

With sun, wind and bio energy, you use the energy existing in your region at a reasonable price, and avoid expensive and environmentally hazardous import from crisis regions of this earth. juwi is an owner-controlled company, which can operate fast and adapt quickly to new situations- no companions, no stockholders, no group hierarchy or political dependence, which hinder us from pragmatic action in favour of our customers and partners. Our independence makes possible their independence.


Self-Determined Into the Future With Renewable Energy

As a company rooted on the regional level, but active worldwide, we favour small, local power stations using renewable energy sources. These are usable everywhere and thus strengthen the economy on-site. Third world countries can break through the vicious cycle of dependence on fossil fuels with renewable energy. Central main power stations - for example Desertec or big offshore-wind parks in the North Sea – neglect this big advantage of renewable energies.

With our concept of a reliable energy mix, we give independence to municipalities, businesses and utilities from prize cartels and energy production injurious to the environment. Money, which was invested before in raw materials, is available for educational aims or social projects.

With Renewable Energy Money Remains in the Region

Stable prices, investments in future technology and with it many new jobs in the area are benefits. There is a large number of new actors who take part in the value creation. In the  industry, craft and service areas, which are occupied with production, construction and management of plants up to the production of renewable energies, many new jobs will be created on-site. Besides, at municipal level there are new sources of income from trade tax and sales tax and the lease of properties.

Additional Income with "Energy Tourism"

Successful projects can be marketed to tourists. The best example is our company headquarters in Wörrstadt, the world’s most energy-efficient office building. Only in the first half of 2010, we had about 2,500 visitors in the building and adjacent wind farm and solar park. We experience a similar effect in Morbach. Year after year wind, solar and bio energy plants generate enough green energy for the annual need of approx.15,0000 households. With its concept, the energy landscape has become the centre of attraction for visitors from all over the world. Since 2003, about 20,000 visitors from more than 60 countries have come to the energy scenery.


Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy as Dream Team

With our company headquarters in Wörrstadt, we entered new territory in 2008. Today the world’s most energy-efficient office building offers not only place for more than 700 employees, but also numerous spaces for a well-balanced work and many technical innovations in the building. The headquarters are supplied with regeneratively generated energy and also save energy thanks to a lasting construction method.


You can also experience the newest developments in the area of the solar mobility in Wörrstadt in our „Clean Energy & Mobility Center“. The vehicle park belonging to the company is gradually using only electric vehicles.



juwi Renewable Energies Ltd.

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Anything Is Possible

An energy supply from 100 per cent renewables is possible. Get to know the future of energy production with juwi.

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Economic & Reliable

We realize your power plant- with renewables. Our experience guarantees a reliable operation of your plant.


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