Economic & Reliable

With renewable energy you can produce energy in every region economically and reliably.

Basics are good project management and a reliable business. We plan, finance and realize our projects in such a way that this is guaranteed.

In numerous projects with wind, solar and bio energy we have shown what renewable energies can perform already today – every energy source for itself, and all energy sources combined in an individual renewable energy mix. With pragmatic solutions, passion and competence Fred Jung and Matthias Willenbacher have turned a two-man's company into a worldwide operating business with more than 1,000 employees in 15 years.

Competence and Passion for Your Success

Our vision of a 100 per cent energy supply with renewables can be realised only with an intelligent energy mix and high-quality technical components. Hence, we develop with passion tailor-made solutions for private customers, businesses, municipalities and utilities since 1996. We plan and build solar plants for private houses as well as big PV power stations for free-fields; smaller wind farms in Germany as well as big wind farms overseas. We offer various bio energy projects: bio gas plants, energy cabins, combined power plants.

Renewable Energy- a Crisis-Proof Investment

Wind and sun produce regardless of economic situations. Once installed, renewable energy projects deliver heat and power economically and reliably for a fixed price; regardless of fluctuating raw material prices. In many countries of the earth very good legal basic conditions offer a sure investment in renewable energy: a guaranteed decrease for a firm price of about 20 years. In Germany the Renewable Energy Law (EEG) is the guarantor for the success of the German energy branch and was copied meanwhile by more than 50 countries worldwide.

High-Quality Components - Success from the Outset

To ensure that your investment stands on a good foundation from the outset , we use high-class components and work together with established investment manufacturers and component manufacturers. We guarantee optimised service intervals for a high reliability of your plants for a period of more than 20 years. Our finance experts raise your financial yields. With our long-standing experience in contract management and with reliable financing partners we provide for best yields.

A Reliable Company - Base for Long-Term Success

With our technical and commercial services we guarantee best yields, you can lean back. We make sure that your plant produces energy efficiently and at a reasonable price, choosing an optimum location and components. Build on juwi’s experience: for more than ten years we have been successfully supervising the technical operation of plants of different manufacturers. Besides, we manage more than 350 projects for more than 500 national and international investor groups and customers.



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Anything Is Possible

An energy supply with 100 per cent renewable energies is possible. Get to know the future of energy production.

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Decentral & Independant

Municipalities, businesses and individuals are already taking advantage of the benefits local utilities offer.



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