Technical Services

With our technical services we guarantee efficient operation of your plant.

For more than ten years we have been controlling and optimizing the operation of plants. Establishment, operations, recycling, repowering- we remain your reliable contact partner. Our years of experience help us to ensure the longevity of your system and profitable yields.

Overview of Our Services

Remote Monitoring

juwi records and saves all operating and production data in a database.
This allows us to document the technical state of a wind turbine, even
retrospectively, at any time. We also record weather forecasts for all sites and can thus optimally plan service and maintenance activities. We do not plan any work to be
carried out on wind turbines during phases of good wind conditions. Our on-call support
services are also planned according to weather forecasts and are reinforced for periods
of strong wind.

Service Inspections

Following consultation with system and component manufacturers, juwi carries out regular inspections. The work steps for each inspection are always recorded in an inspection log. All technical elements – from the generator to the substation – make it to the test bench. Ladders, elevators or other access systems, emergency equipment and fittings on the tower are checked. During warranty periods, we keep a particularly close eye on defects or damage that must be resolved by the manufacturer.

Operation & Maintenance

Should repairs become necessary, our experienced service team is deployed. We take
care of small tasks just as efficiently and routinely as major repairs, such as a gearbox
change for a wind power system. With logistical expertise, we plan the exact workflow
for the repair, procure all required materials and assign highly competent technicians.
This involves the continuous update of our stock to accommodate the requirements of
the plants and systems we manage, so that we can ensure fast and cost-effective resolutions of any faults or malfunctions.

Appraisals & Insurance

We have built our own specialist department solely for the purpose of handling insurance
cases. This ensures that your claims are effected and compensated by the insurer in
their full scope. We always organize prescribed appraisals in due time. Once the reports have been created, we initiate all measures required in terms of functional capacity and inform the parties involved about the status and progress of the implemented measures.


We integrate high quality retrofitting and upgrades – modernization packages or technical changes to improve your systems output. We make every effort to ensure that your technology is in keeping with current standards.


When your system has reached its maximum service life, we will support you and manage the dismantling or repowering of your system. By replacing old wind turbines with modern, high-performance systems, we can increase power yields significantly. While a new turbine at the beginning of the 1980s achieved just about 35,000 kWh per year, today they have an output of approximately 500 times that amount.

Technical Services

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