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A global leader in large scale solar power

juwi Renewable Energies is based in Birmingham, and is the UK arm of juwi. Although we deal predominantly with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in the UK, we are also able to offer wind, biomass and other energy solutions for your needs.


We believe in moving towards 100% renewable energy, and can help you develop your own strategy to increase your use of clean, secure and cheap electricity. We can install PV systems on, for instance, industrial buildings, warehouses, agricultural buildings, schools and community buildings, car ports and shops. There is also the potential to develop community projects to help groups of residents and businesses reduce their  reliance on larger utility companies.  


Across the world there are over 1700 employees working within the juwi group, designing, constructing, operating and maintaining different types and scales of renewable energy projects. This offers you, the customer, access to one of the most experienced range of professionals within the renewable sector. To date juwi had been involved in the development, design, construction and operation of more than 1,500 solar photovoltaic systems, and over 640 wind turbines.


In the UK, juwi can provide you with a variety of solutions to your energy needs. This includes :  

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

The experienced staff at juwi UK can design high performance solar systems for your rooftop installations, large scale solar farms, as well as other renewable technology requirements. Our engineering and construction management teams work closely with suppliers to provide high quality componants and construction on site, to UK standards.

juwi own development

We can lease suitable industrial, commercial or agricultural roof space from you and construct our own PV solar system. This can provide a regular and stable quarterly or annual income to the property owner for 20 years, and also gives the possibility of supplying cheap electricity to the occupant. 

Operation and Maintenance services

juwi is able to offer long-term operations, maintenance and monitoring support for your PV system through regular inspections and continuous remore monitoring. 

Components sales

If you are interested in buying components to construct and maintain your own scheme, then we are able to offer quick access to a wide range of products at a competitive price.

Mix for Municipalities

Districts, cities and municipalities play a central role in climate protection - they are the main players.


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Mix for Businesses

Give yourself a competitive edge - count on price stability and security of supply.




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Mix for Utilities

Renewable energies give independence. A partnership with the juwi group offers an attractive perspective to regional utilities.


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